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My story is more like a fairytale

At least that's how it feels for me in the morning when I sit down at the Bølge dining table in my showroom on M.P. Bruun's gade in the heart of Aarhus. Because it hasn't been a straightforward path to anchor the sketches that become precisely those designs that move into your home.

A house construction became a philosophy of life

Over two years, I renovated a house in Aarhus from its very foundation. I call it Pilehus, and here began my journey.

Pilehus is the story of how four walls transformed into an oasis of finesse, tranquility, and authentic materials. This transformation required considerable endurance and hard work.

Wabi Sabi: Beauty in imperfection

Wabi sabi is a Japanese term that means beauty in imperfection. The ambitions with Pilehus were great, and therefore the dream required a creative approach to materials and interior solutions. I wanted to work with the best materials, make it financially manageable, and at the same time create a unique, cohesive theme throughout the house. It almost sounds impossible. That's why Wabi Sabi Nordic was born on a whim one afternoon in March. I had long saved up for the most beautiful, sandblasted Grigio Bottarga marble, which was intended to welcome guests in the hallway of the house. But then a large tile cracked. Instead of despairing, I saw opportunities: Overnight, the tile was transformed into coat hooks. My business was founded.