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Stone sample Konkylie / Venus / Bølge / Linje - Travertin vein cut

99,00 kr


Travertine is a beautiful and robust limestone. Our travertine is sourced from Turkey. It features lovely beige tones and a natural surface pattern that makes each stone unique. 

Travertine stone evokes thoughts of a stunning seabed, telling tales of prehistoric waves and seashells. This beautiful natural stone fits incredibly well in Nordic interior design with its color and style. 

Filled travertine: The table tops are filled with a natural-looking filler to make them easier to clean and maintain. This is the look shown in the picture. 

Raw travertine: Table legs and smaller objects are made of unfilled travertine, preserving all crevices and holes, keeping the stone completely natural and authentic in its appearance. These holes and crevices are created by small water flows over millions of years and do not affect the stones durability. 

Have you fallen in love with Konkylie, Venus, Bølge, or Linje, but are still unsure if the stone is the perfect fit for your home?

We offer stone samples so you can get to know the material better. Feeling the texture and seeing the color in different lightning alongside your other furniture can help you decide. 

Please note that the stone sample is a small section of a large raw slab. The sample will give you a good impression of the stone, but you should not expect all products to be identical to the sample, as it is a natural material and may differ. 

To minimize material waste, several of the stone samples are cuts from my production. Therefore, you may encounter raw edges and small offcuts. 

Delivery within 2-5 business days. 

Your order will be shipped with GLS to the nearest parcel shop. Free shipping for purchases over 600 DKK. 


Stone sample Konkylie / Venus / Bølge / Linje - Travertin vein cut

99,00 kr