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Venus | Travertine | Pedestal

4.499,00 kr

Our pedestal table, Venus, crafted from tactile fine travertine, is made for lasting love, as the simple surfaces of the form possess timeless classic appeal. Named after the goddess of love, Venus, who was born form water, travertine similarly originates from limestone crystals formed the springs of the past. 

Venus has a slightly bright expression with subtle elegance, which defines your space without drowning out the surroundings. The table's angled base can be arranged in different ways, making Venus a versatile piece of furniture, with numerous expressive potentiels.

The pedestal table is available in two different sizes; with a height of 50 cm Venus is very suitable as a small side table for an armchair or a couch, while at a height of 62 cm, it becomes a beautiful pedestal. They shine individually but also play incredibly beautiful together. 

Delivery time: 2-5 weekdays // Free curbside delivery 

Delivery time: 

2-5 weekdays 

We deliver on a half-pallet, where the pedestal is in a wooden stand. 

You will be contacted by email to schedule a delivery day. On the day you will receive a 4 hour time interval for the delivery. 

Free curbside delivery. Read more about shipping under Delivery. 

Product specifications: 

50x30x30 cm. weights approximately 10 kg. 
62x30x30 cm. weights approximately 15 kg. 


At WABI SABI NORDIC, we work exclusively with natural stone carefully selected based on aesthetic and quality. Our choice to work with natural stone, means that all our products are unique as each stone is different. Therefore, there will be variations in patterns and color shades, all naturally created. We handle all stones with care and aim to preserve them as true to nature as possible. 

Properties and maintenance: 

Natural stone is a very robust material that requires minimum maintenance. If you follow our recommendations, our design will remain beautiful for many years to come. 

All our products are specially impregnated with a unique matte lacquer that makes the surfaces extra durable. 

Venus | Travertine | Pedestal

4.499,00 kr