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Glød | Travertine | Candleholder

299,00 kr

Glød is a series of round candle holders made from natural stone. Beautiful on their own, but especially stunning when combined. The name and inspiration for Glød comes from the unique winter color palette and the round disc of the sun. 

The candle holder is available in three different types of natural stone, each with its own warm winter tale. Here we have Glød travertine, made from calcium rich travertine, inspired by the shells you collect on the beach. We have kept the stone authentic and raw, allowing every natural detail to make each candle holder entirely unique. 

Glød is sold individually, but feel free to stack and combine different sizes and stone types for a beautiful colorplay. Or use Glød in all its simplicity by its own. Wether for the winter table, the coffee table, or the bedside table, the design can be adapted to your needs. 

Glød fits standard candles, such as taper candles, and is delivered in a fine little linen bag.   

This product is made from upcycled natural stone, meaning the material comes from cutt-off waste from other productions.

Delivery within 2-5 business days. 

Your order will be shipped with GLS to the nearest parcel shop. Free shipping for purchases over 600 DKK. 

Glød travertine is made from the beautiful travertine stone. It remains unfilled, preserving all holes and crevices for a stunning raw look. 

The candle holder is an upcycled design and it is made from cut-off waste and therefore responsibly produced. 

At WABI SABI NORDIC, we see beauty and potential in materials that would otherwise be discarded as cutting waste from natural stone production. Therefore, we strive to upcycle as much material as possible. By doing so, we add value to the natural stone remnants, which we use to create beautiful, long-lasting interior designs with a focus on detail. This way, we take better care of our planet and our future by not using unnecessary resources. 

The cutting waste primarily comes from Turkey. 

Material selection

At WABI SABI NORDIC, we work exclusively with natural stone, carefully selected based on aesthetic and quality. Our choice to work with natural stone means that all our products are unique, as each stone is different. Therefore, there will be variations in patterns and color shades, all naturally created. We handle all stones with care and aim to preserve them as true to nature as possible. 

Features and maintenance 

Glød | Travertine | Candleholder

299,00 kr