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Konkylie | Marrone | Coffee table

12.999,00 kr

Konkylie is a timeless coffee table made from natural stone, serving as both a functional piece and a petite sculpture. The simple design allows the material to be the prominent element. 

Konkylie is available in the beautiful Marrone marble. Marrone features a dynamic interplay of greybrown and lead-grey, with hints of silver and sand. This stunning combination of colors creates a unique pattern on each table, making each konkylie truly special. The table is impregnated with a matte lacquer that enhances its durability with use. 

Delivery time: 2-5 weekdays // Free curbside delivery 

Delivery time: 

2-5 weekdays 

We deliver on a pallet, with the table in a wooden frame, separated into the tabletop and legs. 

You will be contacted via email to arrange a delivery day. On the delivery day, you will receive a 4 hour time window for the delivery. 

Free curbside delivery. Read more about shipping under Delivery. 

Product specifications: 

The table is designed so that the legs and tabletop are delivered separately, allowing the piece to be moved easily. This design ensures the table is perfectly stable when the legs and tabletop are assembled. A small extra plate is mounted under the tabletop, ensuring the legs are firmly in place and the tabletop cannot be pushed off. 

The table is impregnated with a special matte lacquer that makes it more durable. 

The tabletop weighs 36 kg. Each leg weighs 10 kg. When assembled, the table weighs a total of 56 kg. 


The table is made from the beautiful natural stone Marrone marble from Turkey. This marble has the most stunning play of brown tones, making each table completely unique. 

Have you fallen in love with Konkylie but are still unsure if it is the perfect fit for your home?

We offer stone samples so you can get to know the material better. Feeling the texture and seeing the color in different lightning alongside your other furniture can help you decide. Order a sample here. 

Material choice: 

At WABI SABI NORDIC, we work exclusively with natural stone, carefully selected based on aesthetic and quality. Our choice to work with natural stone means that all our products are unique, as each stone is different. Therefore, there will be variations in patterns and color shades, all naturally created. We handle all stones with care and aim to preserve it as true to nature as possible. 

Properties and maintenance:  

Natural stone is very robust and requires minimal maintenance. If you follow our recommendation, our designs will remain beautiful for many years to come. 

All our products are specially impregnated with a unique matte lacquer that makes the surfaces extra durable. 

For guidance, please read Properties and Maintenance.

Konkylie | Marrone | Coffee table

12.999,00 kr