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Solar | Montagna | Coffee table

24.999,00 kr

Solar is our round coffee table. The shape of the coffee table creates a welcoming, soft experience to complement the right angles of your room. Solar is functionally social, accommodating, and circular in its basic concept.

The distinctive pedestal is created from the same raw slab as the tabletop, allowing us to optimize the design, utilizing the entire raw slab and thereby reducing waste in production. The pedestal has a broad and a narrow side, providing quite different expressions, allowing you to choose your favorite.

Solar is created in a beautiful marble named Montagna. Like a mountain, it is at once calm in its entirety but with lively sporadic details. Its cold and warm notes create a fascinating universe that is influenced by and also influences the tones and light touches of the surroundings. Among the gray and brown shades are small white glimmers, reminiscent of falling snowflakes.

Delivery time: 2-5 business days // Free curb-side delivery

Ø80 cm 6-12 weeks 

Ø110 cm 2-5 business days 



We deliver on a pallet, where the table is in a wooden stand, divided into tabletop and pedestal.

You will be contacted via email to arrange a delivery day. On the day, you will receive a 4-hour delivery time interval.

Free curb-side delivery. Read more about shipping under Delivery.

The table is specially designed so that the pedestal and tabletop are delivered separately, making it easier to move the furniture around. The pedestal and tabletop are fastened to each other during assembly. This is done with attention to ensuring that the table is perfectly stabilized in use.

The table height measures 40 cm. 

The table is made of the beautiful Montagna marble from Turkey. The beautiful stone has a mix of warm and cool grayish tones as well as white sporadic glimmers. Each stone slab is unique, and therefore there will be variations in the nuances from table to table.

Have you fallen in love with Solar but are still unsure if the expression is right for your home?

We offer stone samples so you can get to know the material better. Feeling the texture and seeing the color in different lighting with your other furniture can help you decide. Order a sample here.

Material selection

At WABI SABI NORDIC, we work exclusively with natural stone, carefully selected based on aesthetics and quality. Choosing to work with natural stone means that all our products are unique, as every stone is different. Therefore, there will be variations in patterns and color nuances, all of which are naturally occurring. We handle all stones with care and strive to preserve them as true to nature as possible.

Natural stone is a very robust material that requires minimal maintenance. If you follow our recommendations, our design will stay beautiful for many years to come.

All our products are specially impregnated with a unique matte varnish that makes the surfaces extra resistant.

For guidance, please read Characteristics and Maintenance."


Solar | Montagna | Coffee table

24.999,00 kr