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Stone sample - Motagna marmor

99,00 kr

Montagna marmor
Montagna is a Turkish marble that is both calm in its entirety and lively with sporadic details, creating a beautiful play. The marble features a mix of cold and warm tones, and among the gray and brown shades, there are small, fine white flashes.

Have you fallen in love with the Solar dining table or coffee table but are still unsure if the stone is the perfect fit for your home?

We offer stone samples so you can get to know the material better. Feeling the texture and seeing the color in different lighting alongside your other furniture can help you make a decision.

Please note that the stone sample is a small section of a larger raw slab. The sample can give you a good impression of the stone, but you should not expect all products to be completely identical to the sample, as it is a natural material.

With the aim of minimal material waste, several of the stone samples are cut-offs from actual production. Therefore, you may encounter raw edges and small chips.

Delivery within 2-5 business days.

Your order will be shipped with GLS to the nearest parcel shop. Free shipping on purchases over 600 DKK.

Stone sample - Motagna marmor

99,00 kr