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Venus | Onyx | Pedestal

5.499,00 kr

Venus is created for enduring love, as the simple surfaces of its form possess a timeless, classic appeal. The pedestal table is available in Alvera, a beautiful golden onyx. When sunlight hits the gemstone, additionel details and wild patterns are revealed, making the stone almost transparent. 

The table's angled base can be arranged in different ways, making Venus a versatile piece of furniture, with numerous expressive potentiels, beautifully suited for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and hallway. 

Due to the beautiful expressions and variations of Alvera stone, each pedestal is entirely unique. 

At a height of 50 cm, Venus is very suitable as a small side table for an armchair or sofa, while at a height of 62 cm, Venus stands as a beautiful pedestal. They shine individually but also play incredibly well together. 

This product is made from upcycled natural stone, sourced from cutting waste from other production processes. 

Delivery time: 2-5 weekdays // Free curbside delivery 

Time of delivery: 

2-5 weekdays 

We deliver on a half-pallet, where the pedestal is in a wooden stand. 

You will be contacted by email to schedule a delivery day. On the day you will receive a 4 hour time interval for the delivery. 

Free curbside delivery. Read more about shipping under Delivery. 


The pedestal is made from Alvera onyx, a beautiful gemstone known for its ability to let sunlight shine through. Due to the stone's variations each pedestal will be completely unique. 

If you've fallen in love with Venus but are unsure how it looks in your home, consider ordering stone samples to better understand the material. Feeling and seeing the texture in different lightning alongside your other furniture can help you decide. Order a sample here. 

Upcycled material: 

At WABI SABI NORDIC, we find beauty and potential in materials that would otherwise be discarded as cutting waste from natural stone production. Therefore, we strive to ensure that as much material as possible is upcycled. By doing so, we add value to the natural stone remnants, which we use to create beautiful, durable interior designs with a focus on detail. This way, we take better care of our planet and our future by not using unnecessary resources. When we use cutting waste from natural stone productions to make furniture, it can mean that there are only limited quantities of each piece due to the availability of the specific natural stone. 

The cutting waste primarily comes from Turkey. 


50x30x30 cm - approximately 20 kg. 
62x30x30 cm - approximately 25 kg. 

Properties and maintenance:  

Natural stone is very robust and requires minimal maintenance. if you follow our recommendation, our designs will remain beautiful for many years to come. 

All our products are specially impregnated with a unique matte lacquer that makes the surfaces extra durable. 

For guidance, please read Properties and Maintenance.

Venus | Onyx | Pedestal

5.499,00 kr